Here’s what people have to say about their experiences of Foster Village:

Foster Village is an incubator for growing some of the most crucial tools our culture lacks, and will need desperately, as we move forward in uncertain times. As folks at Foster Village learn and practice self governance, right relationship to the land, sustainable living, these skills ripple out into all the communities they touch. The work they are doing enlivens, inspires, and teaches people far beyond their piece of land. Foster Village is showing us what is possible.

Unique to Foster Village, I think, is the welcoming familial vibe of the place and its residents/co-creators. When Foster Village holds events that are open to the public, there is such a tangible sense of invitation and belonging for those discovering this place. There are other places exploring similar issues and skills, but few that engage visitors as openly or effectively -Anna, Friend

Foster Village is an intentional community located in the heart of an urban neighborhood in SE Portland. One of its unique features is its size; rather than just one household, it encompasses three separate houses organized around a collective garden and mini orchard. Fosterville residents are involved in the urban homesteading resurgence that includes raising chickens, keeping bees, composting, experimenting with state-of-the-art organic gardening practices and food preservation techniques. Foster Village’s residents have in common a strong quality of engagement, with each other and with the larger world. It is a very community oriented place and if I had to describe Fosterville in one word, that word would be “Amazing!”

I would say that each of Foster Village’s members is on a path of “right livelihood” and passionate about healing the planet and creating a saner human culture that exists as part of the weave of nature rather than separate from it. Together, Foster Villagers are learning what it means to live in community. And they are generous about volunteering and sharing their knowledge and skills with others through involvement in (for example) permaculture and urban gardening groups, their neighborhood association, alternative educational institutions, community nonprofits, the local food co-op, etc. As individuals, Fostervillagers seem very committed to modeling a low-impact lifestyle. They also have hosted many community gatherings centered around food, film and music, as well as educational workshops and tours of their unique village. -Becky, Neighbor

Is it coincidence that our neighbor across the street began tending chickens during the past couple years, that there are more fruit trees planted on our street, that our neighborhood school is losing asphalt and gaining more trees and a place for children to learn outside?

There’s no way to describe it, but when people set foot on our land, they palpably feel something special happening here. When a class of homeless youth toured the community, it was touching to hear one of them say, “I want to live in a place just like this someday, just exactly like this”. I feel a responsibility to help make that a possible reality for more people if they want it. -Megan, Resident

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